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Mike and Dave are 40 something musicians who have come together to talk about how music and the arts have driven their lives and families. Mike, a Queens New York native with a "regular job" as a Tradesman, is married with 2 children and cats. Dave, a Brooklyn Born Queens occupant with a "regular job" in Radiology, Wife, son, and a dog. They have known each other for the better part of 20 years but only peripherally. Recently they have found common interests and a kinship for art, music, gaming, and family life.

Long story short: Two guys complain about music and their families. 

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The Only Podcast I Want To Listen To While Touching Myself.  

Jimmy Dickless

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Episode 68 - This is the end
April 08, 2024
01:29:12204.18 MB

Episode 68 - This is the end

Is the end really nigh? Is it doom for us? Are Mike and Dave breaking up? The answer to all of these questions is no! we look at songs with some real finality, the doom and gloom is in the songs and we are here to celebrate the end. there is also a fair bit of food talk so be wary of listening while...

Episode 67 - stress and pressure
March 25, 2024
01:01:11140.04 MB

Episode 67 - stress and pressure

This time on Mike and Dave hit the stage, we look at stress and pressure. some songs about it, and some that make you feel it. Mike is in his car and it is hilarious. Stress and pressure playlist

Episode 66 - Women in music 2024
March 18, 2024
01:31:13208.78 MB

Episode 66 - Women in music 2024

It's time to look at awesome female musicians in 2024. we celebrate the fairer sex in style, mostly by making fun of ourselves and showing how amazing these artists truly are. technical difficulties as usual and fun times had by all. Women in music 2024 playlist


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Hit the stage 🤘🏻😈🤘🏻

If you enjoy a show about two dudes rappin’ a chat with each other and reflecting on their musical upbringing? This show is for you.

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Brooklyn at its finest

They know their age, story and Brooklyn well.

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