Mike & Dave Hit the Stage

Mike & Dave Hit the Stage

Two adult adolescents in their 40s remember why their kids will need therapy. Music, New York culture, and family are the ingredients for this disasterpiece.

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Episode 74 - Struggle
May 28, 2024
01:31:22209.12 MB

Episode 74 - Struggle

Sometimes, the greatest struggle is within your mind. Sometimes, you simply need to hand out a fresh beating. We look at the struggles in life and how they effect us and the music we enjoy. There are some serious classics on this list that should be celebrated here. Struggle playlist

Episode 73 - You make me sick
May 20, 2024
01:00:08137.65 MB

Episode 73 - You make me sick

Mike doesn't like my Grammar. so here we go. Does something ever disgust you to the point of wanting to puke? Does the world make you feel sick? We look at people who see the world this way and don't know how to change it. Episode 73 - You make me sick

Episode 72 - Terrible one hit wonders
May 13, 2024
01:01:45141.35 MB

Episode 72 - Terrible one hit wonders

"Ugh. why is this stuck in my head!" have you ever muttered this to yourself when a song comes on the radio or in the shuffle? you may be entitled to compensation... just kidding these artists made a big splash with one song and then nothing. tangents, goofs, insults and odd movie reviews were on de...

Episode 71 - Well We're Waiting!
May 06, 2024
01:21:33186.66 MB

Episode 71 - Well We're Waiting!

Mike is one impatient boy. he decided to start making lists rapid fire and Dave has been trying to keep up. this week, the boys talk about waiting, parking lot etiquette, and of course, food. Well... We're waiting playlist

Who We Are

Two New York Jackasses who complain about music and the fact that the sun is too bright!


Mike "Noogz" Graci

Mike has been into music since he was 7 years old. He'll listen to anything from 80's freestyle to heavy metal and everything in between. Mike was the vocalist for NY bands UFK, Rusty Hook, and The Skullies.

Mike is married to the love of his life MaryJayne, and is the proud father of two boys.


Dave Sanchez

Dave Has been playing bass for 25 years. Worked at Roxy studios, and has played in bands ranging from Omega Zero, Shadow of Demise, Embrace Agony, and the last iteration of UFK. 

Dave is married to his best friend Jennifer, and has a small clone of himself. 

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