Mike & Dave Hit the Stage

Mike & Dave Hit the Stage

Two adult adolescents in their 40s remember why their kids will need therapy. Music, New York culture, and family are the ingredients for this disasterpiece.

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Episode 63 - Black history month 2024
February 26, 2024
01:03:52146.18 MB

Episode 63 - Black history month 2024

This is our 2024 celebration of black culture in music. we appreciate the style, sophistication, technical ability, and overall foundation of music that black, African-American, POC peoples have brought to music and the arts. Black History month 2024 playlist

Mike and Dave Encore
February 21, 2024
36:3483.72 MB

Mike and Dave Encore

Not much to talk about here, but we have more to talk about than usual. randomness is up and Mike almost gets assaulted. Good time had by all.

Episode 62 - Studio vs Live
February 19, 2024
01:21:33186.67 MB

Episode 62 - Studio vs Live

There is something so special about live albums. They capture a moment in time that will never happen the same way again. This makes for some really special and personal experiences, and the studio versions are ok too. Man, oh man does the live album feel special. studio vs live playlist

Episode 61 - The Kids
February 12, 2024
55:25126.87 MB

Episode 61 - The Kids

Children of famous people also want to be famous i guess. Here is a list of kids and in some cases grandchildren of famous people. we skip a couple of obvious choices in trade for some obscure bands and artists and we do not apologize for it at all. The Kids playlist

Who We Are

Two New York Jackasses who complain about music and the fact that the sun is too bright!


Mike "Noogz" Graci

Mike has been into music since he was 7 years old. He'll listen to anything from 80's freestyle to heavy metal and everything in between. Mike was the vocalist for NY bands UFK, Rusty Hook, and The Skullies.

Mike is married to the love of his life MaryJayne, and is the proud father of two boys.


Dave Sanchez

Dave Has been playing bass for 25 years. Worked at Roxy studios, and has played in bands ranging from Omega Zero, Shadow of Demise, Embrace Agony, and the last iteration of UFK. 

Dave is married to his best friend Jennifer, and has a small clone of himself. 

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